Who we are

AO Spices was established in the year 2017 and is registered under the British Companies act in the year 2018, with an aim to reach the consumers with spices of superior quality while it still retains its  freshness and original flavour.
The best graded spices available today in the world are cultivated in the western ghats of Southern India. Here in the western ghats, sun and soil come together in perfect blend to create a climate suitable for the growth of a variety of these spices such as pepper, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon etc. Cultivators of this region have mastered and have dedicated a life time for this craft.
We source the produce directly from these small scale farmers, which is then graded and best quality products are packaged and distributed to different parts of the world. The company is committed to the upliftment of the lives of these farmers and ensures fair wages are given for their toil.
The whole system of this enterprise work to obtain total satisfaction and fair dealings for it’s producers, marketing partners and consumers, at par. Quadlot, our sourcing wing, bases it’s operations from Wayanad of Kerala to work along with the farmers of this region. Quadlot undertakes the training in new technologies, certifications and other welfare activities for the benefit of farmers that are aimed at securing a seamless production of spices that are of top quality . The channel and it’s mode of operation reaps best result from it’s innovative ideas implemented in the processes – periodic inspections, personal meetings and regular interactions helps to guarantee export of good quality material under their direct supervision. Not just to provide more strength to the toiling hands and meaning to their existence, but to ensure just wages for the hard work put in by the children of soil, we consider it our duty and are bound by our pledge for the same.
In the first step of our expansion, we have extended our services to the geographies covering Singapore in South East Asia and North America.


High Quality

AO Spices are grown and processed with great care.


Health Benefits

AO Spices are used as an effective treatment for illnesses


Exclusive Flavour

AO Spices are used in many food items to flavor them.



AO Spices are used for preventing the growth of harmful bacteria.


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